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Scott Christopher Beebe



1)  Where do you live? 

I live on the lower east side of Milwaukee. I'm originally from Lake Forest, IL. I've lived in Chicago, Denver, New Orleans, Cleveland, LA, and the entire lakefront area south of Milwaukee plus Fort Collins and Pueblo, CO.

2) What is the first thing you remember writing?

Sad to admit, the first thing I ever "wrote" was in second grade when I neatly printed FRECKLE JUICE by Judy Blume WITH full credit to her including copyright page but sans illustrations which I sold for a quarter to a neighbor lady I never spoke to before or since. I wrote my first book in 1984 at the age of 13. It was 113 pages long and took me less than a month to write. Mailed the ONLY copy I had to the wrong address and never got it returned.

3) Why do you write?

Nothing feeds my soul more than writing, no matter what it's about. That vacuous, greedy thing STILL ain't done yet.

4) Have you published any of your work?

I wrote porn reviews in 2004-5 for Specialty Publications, an international adult-male house who distributed MEN, FRESHMEN and UNZIPPED magazines. (You can include that if you want lol!) When I finished WHAT'S BECOME OF ME, I wanted to have it listed with a publisher, even though I was self-publishing. So I created Steering 23 Publications, which is the "house" (one-man operation) for all the books I've written. I've had short stories and poetry published in the first two editions of FEVERS OF THE MIND ART AND DIGEST and just got word that poetry has been accepted in the third edition. I also recently had my poem "Jailbait 8" published by PENMEN REVIEW, a zine published by University of Southern New Hampshire.

5) What are you currently working on?

I am currently editing the second anthology for ConverStory, mulling over ideas for the second LIMITLESS SKIES novella, a book of Conversation Stories that are longer than Tweet-length, and I need to finish the third Brew Town Mayhem mystery, in which I play a character.

6) Are you querying?

I am perfectly fine with self-publishing my work. It's not much of a financial living but rewards include floating on air, so...

7) Complete this sentence:
It was a dark and stormy night...
when the writing community disappeared for my sight.

8) Which activities do you like to participate in, in the Twitter writing community (VSS365, etc.)?

I started on #vss365. It's an absolute OBSESSION that never waivers any single day since joining the WC in October, 2018. #writeLGBTQ came after that. The first ongoing character I'd created, 7 and his family (a serial I'd called THE NUMBERS GAME, which is a story in my recent publication, UNDERDOGS ARE NEVER OVER CATS) were as a result of both prompts so both got credit every day for those REAL little stories. I also enjoy #thurds, #Sunthing, #BraveWrite, my own #ConverStory and #FunSuns, #microprompt, #haikuchallenge, #haikulust, #horrorprompt, #talesnoir, #hangtenstories, #1LineWed, #SatSplat, #YAMonday, #SciFanSat, #scifaikusaturday, #HintFiction, #LilLoveStory, #SeduceMeSunday. Helena Fools started a new prompt a couple days ago called #transwrite which is starting out nicely.  

9) Do you have any formal training/education for writing?

The only "training" I've had as a writer as the books I've read my entire life, paying more attention in English classes than all my other classes (yet was still lacking). and two creative writing classes in college where I'd learned a great deal and where I think I found my "voice".

10) Do the people in your life know you write?

Yes. they all know and support my work wholeheartedly!

11) Tell me about the people in your life. Family? Pets?

I've been in a complicated relationship with M. for 5 years, as of this past 9/11. It suits me well, since I have a knack for complicating what's simplistic. My father passed away in 1995. The memoir FLOATING ALONG IN THIS HYDROPLANE (the only one of my books of which title is an acronym as well as suitable - the anachronic aspect was a "happy accident") is about our tumultuous relationship. My mother lives in South Carolina, as does my older brother Todd with his family in another part of the state. My older sister Tracy lives in northern Illinois with her husband, and my younger sister Gina lives in the town where we grew up (Libertyville, IL) with her family. (She'd been gone from there for many years before settling there a block away from the house in which we grew up.)

At the moment, I have two sister cats Dorra and Josefina (Jojo) since they were five months. They're 4 now.

12) Where would you like your writing to take you?

My writing has already taken me so much further than I'd ever expected! Not only am I writing and publishing my work (22 books total if you include both of my pen names since Sept, 2014), gotten interviewed and reviewed by a local newspaper numerous times, been hosted for book reading events around the city, have my books sold by local retailers and even a couple in the local VA library, started my own publication "company", make ALL the decisions about my books, take their photographs, attempted at some artistic integrity, written so much poetry when I'd spent my whole life hating the genre, gotten published in a university when I'd never gotten an associate's degree solely due to horrific math scoring, being interviewed twice on the radio, and now THIS! Not to mention being a part of something wonderful as the writing community!

13) What did you expect when you joined the Twitter writing community? Did it turn out as expected?

It has far surpassed any expectations, since I try and have none - nothing but pure magic;

14) Where do you write?

I'll write ANYWHERE - literally. I've written #vss365 pieces while I've been out for a walk in the city (nope, don't stop - text and walk).

15) How much time do you dedicate to writing, weekly?

I am CONSTANTLY writing

16) Do you have any other talents?

Reading and some private ones


  1. I do not mind when other writers ask for advice.
  2. I’d rather keep to myself!
Feel free - ask for advice! Ask at your own risk!

 November, 2016 at Scott's very first book reading (of WHAT'S BECOME OF ME)
at a restaurant where he'd once worked

SCOTT CHRISTOPHER BEEBE has written 20 books (many of them done in less than four years). He has had work published in the first two issues of FEVERS OF THE MIND POETRY AND ART DIGEST (he was recently told by editor David L. O'Nan he's got poetry accepted for the third issue), and recently his poem "Jailbait 8" was printed in PENMEN REVIEW by the University of Southern New Hampshire. 

In addition to creating and running prompts ConverStory and FunSuns, Scott has been asked by 250Fiction to host Sunthing during their absence this October.

Scott also plans on doing a book reading on YouTube in the near future.

Material in his books tackles such subjects as loss, death, relationships, family, bullying, discrimination, sexuality, women's issues, abortion, self discovery, inequities, and more.

He is currently working on completing the editorial process for the second ConverStory anthology and the second Limitless Skies novella.


Scott Christopher Beebe's work can be found on Amazon:

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