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Tieste Williams



Hi Tieste!
I have a few questions for you.
First question:
Is there anything you've learned in the
classroom that you thought was not really
applicable to your writing?
It can sometimes get frustrating that my
classes are more geared towards short 
stories instead of actual book-length 
work. In this way, I feel like it makes it
harder for me to learn more about the
developmental aspects of writing a novel.
You were an award-winning writer at a very
young age! Is anybody in your family surprised
you've decided to continue in this line of work?
I don't think that they are necessarily 
surprised. However, I feel like it's 
sometimes hard to get everyone to see
that this can turn into a legit full-time
I hear you! 
OK, last one!
Where does the inspiration come for your
Most of the time, I'll hear or see
something that sparks an idea for a new
book. Sometimes, I'll envision a scene
and will create a plot based on what I see 
in my head. I usually don't plan for a new
book to come; it just happens
unexpectedly. So I currently have a long
list of ideas just waiting to be written. In a 
way, this is great, but it's also bad,
because I'll be writing one book, and 
suddenly I will get this new idea and want 
to go write on the new book. I'll then
have to reming myself to remain
focused on what I'm currently writing,
which can sometimes be hard.
It can be hard being creative!
Thanks for working on this, Test!
Thanks for providing me with this 
opportunity, Shauna!


1) Where do you live?

I live in Virginia

2) What is the first thing you remember writing?

It’s hard to say. I wrote a lot of stories as a kid. The one I remember most clearly is a short story about a cat and dog who were best friends. It was called “The Two Best Friends” and it won me first place in my third grade writing competition. I still have the story, but it’s packed away somewhere.

3) Why do you write?

Because I love it. It’s so much fun getting to create characters and live in and experience their world.

4) Have you published any of your work?

Yes. I have a YA novel out called, Wolf Girl. My second novel should come out around late August.

5) What are you currently writing?

I’m currently finishing up the edits on my New Adult novel, There’s No Such Thing as the Perfect Guy

6) Are you currently querying?

No. As of right now, I am an indie author.

           7) Finish this sentence (three lines or less):
Conner raced for safety under his bed. Why did people find rain so relaxing? 
Didn’t they know that this was when the monsters came out? Ever since he’d been 
born, he knew he was different. No one else saw the red, piercing eyes that stared at him though the shadows.

           8) Which activities do you like to participate in, in the Twitter writing community
            (VSS365, etc.)    
I didn’t know there were specific activities. Normally, I just follow writers with interesting posts and respond when I have something to add.

9) Do you have any formal training/education for writing?

I’ll graduate with an associate degree in Creative Writing in July. I’ll be starting my bachelor’s degree in the same subject in August.

10) Do the people in your life know that you write?

Yes. I don’t try to hide it. I decided that I wanted to be a published author when I was around five, so the people in my life are used to me talking about my characters.

11) Tell me about the people in your life. Family? Pets?

I’m closest to my mom and my brother. I also have a six-month-old puppy who has recently joined my family.

12)  Where do you wish your writing to take you?

It’s not where my writing will take me, but where I will take my writing. The more I put into my writing as a career, the more I will get out of it.

13) What did you expect when you joined the Twitter writing community? Did it turn out as expected?

Honestly, I didn’t know it existed until I began following more and more writers.

14) Where do you write?

Normally in my bedroom. It’s the most comfortable area, but somedays I’ll switch it up and write in another room.

15)  How much time do you dedicate to writing, weekly?

I honestly don’t know. I don’t like to follow set schedules. Seriously. I find that I’m less productive when I write a schedule on my calendar. I think this is because looking at my to-do list intimidates me, so I’m more likely to get it done if I have it in my mind to do it, as opposed to on paper.

16) Do you have other talents?

Um…not that I can think of.

           17) CHOOSE ONE:
  1. I do not mind when other writers ask for advice.
  2. I’d rather keep to myself!

    I choose A. I feel like we should all support our fellow writers. Writers can’t learn unless they ask questions.

Tieste (pronounced Tyeast) Williams is a native of Virginia and has had dreams of becoming an author since childhood. Her first novel, Wolf Girl is based off of a short story that Tieste wrote when she was only fourteen. She received the idea late one night after watching a rerun of the Disney show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, in which one of the characters exclaimed that she lived with wolves. Though Tieste has written many other stories since then, Rachel has never left her, and she knew that she had to share her story with the world. Tieste is currently pursuing a degree in Creative Writing. When not working on her novels, she can often be found pursuing her other passion, helping animals.

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