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Jacob Klop


Jacob Klop


1) Where do you live? 

Just north of Toronto, Canada

2) What is the first thing you remember writing? 

In high school, I’d write fantasies. I wrote one that had creatures with eyes in their hands and was reminded of it when I saw Pan’s Labyrinth. It was a long time ago. I’ll never figure out how Guillermo Del Toro stole that idea from me.

3) Why do you write? 

I feel like I have entertaining stories that I want to share with other people

4) Have you published any of your work?

 I have two self published books. A dystopian fiction called The Community and a horror collection named Crooked Souls.

5) What are you currently writing? 

I’m doing a final edit of a sci-fi set on a planet that is tidally locked with its sun. The two races on the planet are at odds, but they don’t realize that they need each other. I’m also a third of the way through a first draft of a cyber detective book and am also writing a horror short story. I’ll probably do a Crooked Souls 2 at some point.

6) Are you currently querying? No, I tried querying for a while and didn’t have any success. I had so much fun self-publishing The Community that I’ll never go back to querying, although I will still submit short stories for anthologies.

7) Finish this sentence (three lines or less):

The sheeting rain dripped down her chin as she watched from behind the bush. He said he was going shopping, but she knew better. The Colt 45 in her pocket knew better as well.

8) Which activities do you like to participate in, in the Twitter writing community (VSS365, etc.)?

 I’ve been doing vss365 daily for the past few weeks and love it. I’ve been buying an indie book every two weeks for the last couple months and dropping reviews for the ones I like. I joined Twitter in May and it has absolutely been one of the best experiences I’ve had. I had no idea how supportive the writing community is and how much fun seeing everyone’s comments about their books and writing is.

9) Do you have any formal training/education for writing?

I took some creative writing courses in University, but that’s the limit of my training.

10) Do the people in your life know that you write? 

Yes, my wife has known for a while, but most of them were in the dark until I published my first novel.

11) Tell me about the people in your life. Family? Pets? 

I have a wife and two kids who are my best supporters and beta readers. I’m still teaching the cat to read, but he’s getting better.

12) Where do you wish your writing to take you? 

I’m just hoping to find an audience that likes my books. It’s an amazing feeling when someone tells you that they enjoyed something you have written. 

13) What did you expect when you joined the Twitter writing community? Did it turn out as expected? I thought it was just a necessary evil when I joined. It’s so much better than I expected. I wish I’d joined earlier.

14) Where do you write? Sitting at my desk on a laptop in the TV room. It can be distracting when other people are watching shows, especially if they’re good.

15) How much time do you dedicate to writing, weekly? 

I try for at least a thousand words a day when I’m not editing. I’d say on weekdays I spend three hours a day and on the weekend closer to six. It’s hard to do more than that with that silly job getting in the way.

16) Do you have other talents? 

I’m a pretty good ball hockey player.

  • I do not mind when other writers ask for advice. I would love to help other authors, but it’s important to find people that you gel with. My style might clash with others, and we wouldn’t work well together. From a marketing/selling perspective, other writers would probably be better off doing the opposite of whatever I say.
  • I’d rather keep to myself.

I was born in Montreal, but now live just outside Toronto, Canada with my wife, two kids and a fat Maine coon. I tend to think of my best story ideas while abed, but sadly, can't write in my sleep or I'd spend my waking hours watching hockey, reading books, and playing video games. When the writing bug bites all the other interests in my life do tend to get neglected.

Crooked Souls:

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