Friday 27 September 2019

Thomas Kane



1) Where do you live?

Deep in the woods of Maine.

2) What is the first thing you remember writing?

Crayon-illustrated adventure stories featuring -- as I then put it -- civilized dinosaurs.

3) Why do you write?

Here and there throughout life, I think all of us have moments that seem special to us. Often, they give us insights into how important things work. I'm trying to communicate about some of mine.

4) Have you published any of your work?

Yes. I've published 19 book-length supplements for role-playing games, eight scholarly books on international politics and around 100 shorter pieces. Happy to discuss in more detail if anyone is interested!

5) What are you currently writing?

I'm working on Book Three of my fantasy series Mara of the League. This series follows the life of my character Mara Bennett in a world where two powerful countries are drawing closer to war. Readers meet Mara in Book One as a smart, introspective eleven-year old trying to save her aunt from witch-hunters. Book Two covers her experiences in boarding school and early adulthood, as she searches for a vanished friend. By the beginning of the third book, she is in her late forties and caught up in a conspiracy involving some of the most powerful people in her land.

I'm also working on another non-fiction book about the grand strategy of contemporary China.

6) Are you currently querying?


7) Finish this sentence (three lines or less):

Since the power didn't go out, it was sort of cool.

8) Which activities do you like to participate in, in the Twitter writing community (VSS365, etc.)?

I really enjoy the Twitter writing community, and I am honored to be a part of it. I really appreciate the fact that so many people are having real conversations about interesting and important things. Also appreciate the fact that most people are so supportive. My approach to participating is informal -- I respond to interesting tweets and share news of my own.I am also grateful to the people who have helped me me on Twitter, so I make time to continue the tradition by giving other people lifts and retweets.

9) Do you have any formal training/education for writing?

I included writing as part of my major at undergraduate level. I also got a PhD in what Americans call political science, and I approach that field primarily as writer.

10) Do the people in your life know that you write?


11) Tell me about the people in your life. Family? Pets?

I have three sisters and a huge found family of friends. I'm a gamer, and I've met a lot of amazing people that way. No pets at the moment, but there are plenty of wild animals outside my windows. I have had some memorable cats in my life.

12) Where do you wish your writing to take you?

My biggest goal at this point is to share my stories! Obviously, I'd like to do it as widely as possible.

13) What did you expect when you joined the Twitter writing community? Did it turn out as expected?

I was new to social media when I joined. I didn't know what to expect. As noted above, I am really happy with what I found.

14) Where do you write?

In my kitchen. I carry my laptop and a card table around to different spots depending on where the sun is and whether I want to be close to the heater.

15) How much time do you dedicate to writing, weekly?

At this point in my life, virtually everything I do is connected to writing one way or another. I draft and edit for about 30 hours a week.

16) Do you have other talents?

I would like to say so, but it is a fact that most of the things I feel I do well intersect with writing at some point.

  1. I do not mind when other writers ask for advice.
  2. I’d rather keep to myself!

I am honored whenever anyone feels that I can give them useful advice. If anyone has questions for me, I will certainly try to answer.

Thomas M. Kane grew up in the woods of Maine. After a few years writing  supplements for role-playing games, he became a lecturer in international politics at Britain's University of Hull. As an academic, he traveled on three continents, researched the commercial use of outer space, observed tank maneuvers at the US Army's National Training Center and gave guest lectures at the Advanced Command and Staff College of the British armed forces. He has now returned to Maine, and to writing.

The Witches of Crannock Dale

Mr. Kane is the author of many books. 
Selected titles include GURPS Egypt, GURPS Espionage, and Strategy: Key Thinkers. 
For more details, see:

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